This is my bread and butter! I bought my first real investment property in 2007, and I have never looked back. In fact, real estate investing is how I managed to save over a million dollars in my personal savings account by the time I was 32. In my opinion, Real estate is the king of investment strategies.

Real estate can feel really intimidating if you’re new to it. The financing, the legal side of things, dealing with developers, managing upkeep…there is just so much to learn! But it’s far from impossible, especially if you have a good coach on your side. Join me for a Real Estate Investment with Syga session, and I’ll give you my best tips and tricks for getting a start in property investment. Seriously, this will rock your world.

Real Estate Investment with Syga is right for you if:

  • You’ve never had an investment property before, you’re not even sure if you can afford it (hint: you probably can!), but you want to explore options.
  • You have investment properties, you’ve found this real estate thing is a bit tricky, and you need to figure out how to make it all more manageable.
  • You’re experienced with real estate investment, and you’re ready to level up, expand your portfolio, or jump into property development.

Sounds fun, right!? Well, it does to me. And I’m looking forward to sharing my love of real estate with you.


  • 30 minutes of investment advice and insightful info on the real estate industry.
  • A video recording of our session so you can review it at any time.
  • A 10% discount* for either my Real Estate Investing Master Course or my Personal Finance Master Course. *Your personalized discount code will be emailed to you upon purchasing Real Estate Investment with Syga.

I can guarantee that we’ll have a great time discussing what real estate options are best for you, and you’ll leave our session empowered.

The real estate market is hot, hot, hot right now, so you don’t want to miss out. Click the button below to claim your Real Estate Investment with Syga meeting slot.